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Magneto – Issue 9 – Spring 2021

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Cover: Steve McQueen's Le Mans movie, 50 years on The inside story of the iconic film, from... mehr
Produktbeschreibung "Magneto – Issue 9 – Spring 2021"

Cover: Steve McQueen's Le Mans movie, 50 years on

The inside story of the iconic film, from Chad McQueen, Derek Bell, Hollywood producer Peter Samuelson, McQueen's personal mechanic Haig Alltounen and actor Hal Hamilton.

Lancia LC2 track test

Full test at the Most circuit, Czech Republic, of the privately-owned Lancia LC2 chassis 003/B, winner of the 1985 Spa 1000km.

50 years of the Jaguar V12

Andrew Frankel gives an in-depth explanation of Jaguar’s greatest engine and the cars it was fitted to, including the XJ13 and Le Mans-winning XJR-9.

Karl Ludvigesen on the Riley Brooklands

In-depth profile of the famous pre-war sports car.

Top 50 designers

The greatest ever car designers.

Studio shoot: Ford Escort RS1800

The 1981 World Rally Championship-winning car, restored by its original build mechanic for original co-driver David Richards, now head of Prodrive.

Market guide: Ferrari 365BB/512BB

Comprehensive buying and market guide of the Berlinetta Boxer models.

Plus Starter including: Calum Re-Forged Aston Vanquish, interview with head of RM Sotheby’s, interview with Alois Ruf (Ruf Porsche), Mille Miglia changes and more.

Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 194
Format: 230 x 289 mm
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