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Magneto – Issue 2 – Summer 2019

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Enzo Ferrari: The Man His strengths, his weaknesses, his remarkable history. Written by Doug... mehr
Produktbeschreibung "Magneto – Issue 2 – Summer 2019"

Enzo Ferrari: The Man

His strengths, his weaknesses, his remarkable history. Written by Doug Nye, probably the greatest living motor sport historian, who first met Enzo nearly 50 years ago.

The ex-Shah of Iran's Lamborghini Miura SV

How the car-mad Shah’s first Miura escaped from Iran after the revolution, and the restoration that has just been completed in time for Pebble Beach concours.

Ford GT40 vs Ford GT vs new Ford GT

Pitting original road-legal GT40 against the 2005 Ford GT and the very latest Ford GT supercar at Ford’s top-secret Lommel test track in Belgium.

Aston Works

Inside Aston Martin’s old Newport Pagnell factory, now transformed into Aston Martin Works’ dealership, service centre, restoration centre and even the production line for classic continuation cars.

50 Greatest Innovations in Formula 1

As F1 passes its 1000th race, we look at the most important changes since 1948, from seat belts to safety cars, ground effects to Gurney Flaps.

Gordon Murray on the Brabham Fan Car

The renowned designer and engineer explains the creation of Brabham’s BT46B ‘fan car’, which made clever interpretation of race regulations to ‘suck’ the car onto the track.

Pierson Brothers’ Coupe

The hot rod that changed it all, bringing new standards of preparation – and a roof! – to the fast-living world of the Californian dry lakes and salt flats.

Vintage Posters

A guide to the world’s most collectible vintage automotive posters by leading expert Tony Singer.

Plus much more!

Sprache: Englisch
Format: 230 x 289 mm
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