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Magneto – Issue 10 – Summer 2021

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50 Years of the Lancia Stratos Andrew Frankel on the full story of the Stratos, from 1971... mehr
Produktbeschreibung "Magneto – Issue 10 – Summer 2021"

50 Years of the Lancia Stratos

Andrew Frankel on the full story of the Stratos, from 1971 prototype through to the great rally successes.

Million Dollar Mustangs

Winston Goodfellow gathers together some of the most important and valuable Ford Mustangs of all time, and explains what they are and why they're so valuable.

The death of Bentley

What happened 90 years ago when Bentley went to the receivers, to eventually be bought up by Rolls-Royce.

Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GT

Road test of the stunning one-off Touring Berlinetta Aerodinamica.

Ferruccio Lamborghini's Riva

The beautiful Riva Aquarama motor boat built for Ferruccio with twin Lamborghini V12s.

BRM archive

Exclusive first access into the Rubery Owen company archive of BRM racing documentation and memorabilia

Top 50 auction prices

The most expensive cars of all time sold at public auction.

Jaguar E-type

A full guide to the E-type market and what to look for when buying

Plus much more!

Sprache: Englisch
Format: 230 x 289 mm
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