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Car Racing 1969 – Limited Edition

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  • B-CaRa69-LIM
  • 978-2702211298
Each book in the collection is the subject of a special edition in a luxurious canvas box,... mehr
Car Racing 1969 – Limited Edition

Each book in the collection is the subject of a special edition in a luxurious canvas box, limited to 200 copies numbered from 1 to 200. They are accompanied by an original photograph from the DPPI agency. For this 1969 edition, the photograph is Porsche 908 Coupé, Hans Herrmann / Rolf Stommelen, 1000 km of Spa-Francorchamps, printed on 315g Hahnemühle paper by the Picto laboratories in Paris, with its certificate of authenticity.

Car Racing 1969 brings to life a year of daring sportsman­ ship and industrial prowess, but also challenges. Fierce struggles pitted Ferrari and Ford, Matra and Brabham, Lotus and others against McLaren, even as a new rival, Porsche, gained strength. These pitched battles were inspirational for the photographers from DPPI, to whom the national – and henceforth international– press entrusted the task of missing not a moment of these monumental confrontations.

1969 was also the year that tensions of a different sort made their appearance. In the month of June, two different drivers took a stand, raising the question of security. With his ‘I’m paid to win, not to die’, Jackie Stewart set the tone at the Belgian Grand Prix, protest­ ing on behalf of driver safety. A week later, at Le Mans, Jacky Ickx highlighted the risks associated with the run­and­jump start by strolling serenely to his car – a choice that did not prevent him from claiming victory. These protests were effective in driving action: the start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans subsequently returned to standard and the Belgian Grand Prix was dropped from the racing calendar.

All these extraordinary moments are rendered here in living colour, that gained traction as photographers seized the opportunities with delight.

Sprache: Englisch, Französisch
Seiten: 300
Format: 280 x 330 mm
Autor(en): Alain Pernot, Manou Zurini
Auflagenhöhe: Limitiert auf 200 nummerierte Exemplare
Ausstattung: Hardcover, Bezug aus bedrucktem Leinen, Inhalt mit 7-farbigen Druck, luxuriöse Verpackung, hochwertiger Original-Fotoabzug aus dem DPPI Archiv, Echtheitszertifikat
ISBN: 978-2702211298
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