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Quest for Speed – The Epic Saga of Record-Breaking on Land

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  • B-EV-QFS
  • 978-1910505595
Foreword by David Tremayne As Land Speed Record historian David Tremayne states in his... mehr
Produktbeschreibung "Quest for Speed – The Epic Saga of Record-Breaking on Land"

Foreword by David Tremayne

As Land Speed Record historian David Tremayne states in his foreword, ‘This is a wonderful book that celebrates passion.’ In a remarkable first book, Barry John has celebrated his life-long passion for the quest for speed by writing, illustrating and designing this fascinating history of record-breaking on land. Along with his informed and detailed text, his beautiful artwork shows all significant record-breakers in their immense variety, each illustrated in profile and accompanied by a cameo portrait of its driver. From the start of it all in the late 19th Century to today’s challengers seeking to reach ‘the last frontier’, 1,000mph, the story that unfolds will enthral not only enthusiasts for the subject but anyone appreciative of innovative engineering and brave human endeavour. 

  • Early records, often achieved with electric cars such as Camille Jenatzy’s La Jamais Contente (65mph, 1899) and steam-powered vehicles such as Fred Marriott’s StanleySteamer (127mph, 1906).
  • Britain’s speed kings, most significantly Malcolm Campbell, whose record-breaking began with a Sunbeam 350HP (146mph, 1924) and culminated in him becoming the first man to exceed 300mph, in his final Blue Bird(301mph, 1935).
  • Other notable British achievements, including Henry Segrave’s Golden Arrow (231mph, 1929), George Eyston’s Thunderbolt (345mph, 1938), John Cobb’s Railton Mobil Special (394mph, 1947) and Donald Campbell’s Bluebird(403mph, 1964).
  • American pre-eminence in the jet age, when a flurry of Bonneville records fell to Art Arfons in Green Monster(576mph, 1965), Craig Breedlove in Spirit of America(600mph, 1965) and Gary Gabelich in Blue Flame(622mph, 1970).
  • Richard Noble’s exploits at Black Rock Desert, first as a driver in Thrust2 (633mph, 1983), then as mastermind of ThrustSSC, the current record holder with Andy Green and the only car to have broken the sound barrier on land (763mph, 1997).
  • Besides the absolute records, the book covers national and class records where we encounter vehicles as diverse as Dave Spangler’s Turbinator II (fastest wheel-driven car), Andy Green’s Dieselmax (fastest diesel), Rocky Robinson’s Ack Attack (fastest motorcycle) and Don Wales’s Inspiration (steam-powered record-holder).
Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 184
Format: 290 x 210 mm
Autor(en): Barry John
Ausstattung: Hardcover
Fotos und Abbildungen: über 350 Illustrationen
ISBN: 978-1910505595
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