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Porsche Home – Christophorus Edition – Englische Ausgabe

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  • B-DK-PG-EN
  • 978-3667116987
Porsche collectors and their garages Porsche stands for a special passion between driver and... mehr
Produktbeschreibung "Porsche Home – Christophorus Edition – Englische Ausgabe"

Porsche collectors and their garages

Porsche stands for a special passion between driver and vehicle. A garage with a Porsche is therefore more than just a garage. It is a museum, exhibition space and retreat, a place of passion and love for sports cars. This special way of life is reflected in this unique illustrated book: "Porsche Home" visits some of the biggest Porsche fans all over the world and offers unique insights into their sacred halls on more than 270 pages:

  • More than 20 stories of passionate Porsche enthusiasts
  • Renowned Porsche collectors like Robby Naish, Hartmut Esslinger, Patrick Long and Hans-Peter Porsche
  • Rare Porsche models from more than 70 years of brand history
  • The Porsche Community worldwide: Stories from Germany, England, USA, Chile, South Africa, France, Kuwait and India
  • Exclusive colour photos and high-quality design

Among the well-tended and well-kept collector's items are production vehicles as well as Porsche vintage cars. Selected individual cars are lovingly presented, opulent collections impressively staged. Always included in the portrait: the people behind the garage treasure.

Porsche drivers in their element 

"Porsche Home” demonstrates: Special Porsche models and exciting people make a good story. Whether celebrity or passionate enthusiast, all Porsche collectors give very personal insights into their garages. The result is a multi-faceted collection, compiled with great sensitivity and attention to detail by the editors of the Porsche magazine Christophorus and Porsche Klassik. The impressive pictures are supplemented by informative articles on the topics of Porsche restoration, passion for collecting and value development. A very special illustrated book in which many car lovers and Porsche fans will recognise themselves!

Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 272
Format: 274 x 296 mm
Autor(en): Marco Brinkmann
Fotos und Abbildungen: 300 Fotos
ISBN: 978-3667116987
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