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Enzo Ferrari: The Photographic Biography

Enzo Ferrari: The Photographic Biography
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  • B-EV-Enzo
  • 978-1910505205
Following Evro Publishing’s acclaimed photo memoirs of the late John Surtees and Stirling Moss,... mehr
Produktbeschreibung "Enzo Ferrari: The Photographic Biography"

Following Evro Publishing’s acclaimed photo memoirs of the late John Surtees and Stirling Moss, the appealing format of these books – wonderful photos accompanied by insightful commentary – is applied to the greatest figure in 20th century motor racing. In the aftermath of the Second World War, Enzo Ferrari went into motor racing with magnificent V12-engined cars and very quickly achieved unparalleled success in Formula 1 and sports car racing, and built magnificent road cars too. In this book, published on the 70th anniversary of the first Ferrari car, expert author Doug Nye explores the life and achievements of this enigmatic man through a splendid array of photos, many not previously published.

  • Early years: aftermath of the Great War, budding racing driver and Alfa Romeo employee, then emerging as shrewd businessman.
  • Scuderia Ferrari: his own team, first racing Alfa Romeos for wealthy clients, then ‘quasi-works’ cars, achieving considerable success through the 1930s.    
  • Second World War: doing well from industrial production of machine tools – and surviving a contract assassination plan.
  • Rapid emergence of his own Ferrari marque post-war: six consecutive Mille Miglia wins from 1948; first Le Mans win in 1949; double World Champions in 1952–53.
  • All-round racer: at his autocratic and spectacular best through the pinnacle years in the 1950s and 1960s – then rescue by Fiat from near bankruptcy.    
  • Advancing years: racing focuses on Formula 1 and road-car manufacture shifts from exotic boutique production to significant volume.    
  • Final years: on top of the world with new models, and even higher personal status as Italian elder statesman and national icon.
Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 448
Format: 280 x 235 mm
Autor(en): Doug Nye
Ausstattung: Hardcover
Fotos und Abbildungen: über 300 Farb- und s/w-Fotos
ISBN: 978-1910505205
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