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Emmo – A Racer‘s Soul

Emmo – A Racer‘s Soul – Cover
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  • 978-0957532045
Foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart Famous for his trademark sideburns and shades, Emerson... mehr
Emmo – A Racer‘s Soul

Foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart

Famous for his trademark sideburns and shades, Emerson Fittipaldi was the archetypal 1970s Formula 1 driver and a two-time World Champion, in 1972 for Lotus and in 1974 for McLaren. From his arrival in the UK in 1969 as a wide-eyed lad with big ambitions to his career-ending 200mph crash in Michigan in 1996, ‘Emmo’ tells it as it was. Highly readable and containing stunning photographs, his book reveals his innermost thoughts and feelings, expressed with wit and candour.

  • Packed with insight into the long and successful racing career of one of the leading stars of a golden era of Formula 1.
  • Paying tribute to the people who shaped his life along the way: mother, father and brother, and friends and rivals.    
  • Fittipaldi tells a particularly moving series of stories about his never-to-be-forgotten friend and fellow countryman Ayrton Senna, who was killed so tragically at Imola in 1994.
  • A proudly spiritual man, Fittipaldi writes honestly about his rediscovery of the importance of his faith, which came to him as he fought for his life in the aftermath of his violent Michigan accident of 1996.
  • Now in his 60s, Fittipaldi still loves racing with undiminished fervour, and still has much to say about it – he examines the important challenges facing the sport today.
  • More than just an autobiography, this book is a fitting tribute to the glorious career that made its author a worldwide superstar.
Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 144
Format: 198 x 252 mm
Autor(en): Emerson Fittipaldi
Ausstattung: Hardcover
Fotos und Abbildungen: über 225 Fotos
ISBN: 978-0957532045
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