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DBR9 – The Definitive History / Aficionado's Edition

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  • B-DBR9
  • 978-3981841961
In autumn 2012 the Aston Martin DBR9 reappeared in a large format book, which includes all the... mehr
Produktbeschreibung "DBR9 – The Definitive History / Aficionado's Edition"

In autumn 2012 the Aston Martin DBR9 reappeared in a large format book, which includes all the facts, stories, statistics and previously unreleased pit material. The authors, both regular members of the GT paddocks around the world, take an informed and passionate review of this era. Contemporary witnesses recount their side of the story; fragments of what would become a splendid history. Thomas Gruber mounted the GT1 podium at Le Mans and the 1000 km of Spa with the Aston Martin. Christoph Maeder was involved in the management of one of the most successful DBR9 customer teams for 4 years.

The book highlights the success story of the DBR9 and is structured in three segments:

  • The development process of the race car and its technology in detail 
  • Review and insight into the Aston Martin Racing campaign. Exclusive interviews with the factory supported and customer car teams.
  • Comprehensive statistics assigned to the individual chassis numbers, drivers and teams.

The book includes unique background knowledge about the development phase and the car‘s aerodynamics. It gives the reader unique insight into the areas of engine, drivetrain and suspension plus behind the scenes information about the homologation process as well as from the racing campaigns around the world.

Sprache: Englisch
Seiten: 296
Format: 280 x 330 mm
Autor(en): Thomas Gruber, Christoph Mäder
Auflagenhöhe: Limited to 2,700 copies
Ausstattung: Elaborate 6-color print, massive protective box, several special pages and fold-out pages
Fotos und Abbildungen: More than 400 pictures. Detailed 3D-visualizations
ISBN: 978-3981841961
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