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  • B-CaRa65
  • 978-3667103109
1965 is the first volume in ‘Car Racing’, a collection born of the desire to relive and share... mehr
Car Racing 1965

1965 is the first volume in ‘Car Racing’, a collection born of the desire to relive and share the sensations of a historical era that was anything but ordinary. Selected from the archives of DPPI and many previously unpublished, the photographs reproduced in this volume are paired with observations, memories and anecdotes from two similarly legendary figures from the period, photographer Manou Zurini and journalist Johnny Rives.

The Unpublished Archives of DPPI

Created in 1965, DPPI images (Diffusion Presse Photo International) is both the oldest photographic agency dedicated to sports, and the most famous to specialise in motorsport. Its vaults contain several million shots, snapped on every track in the world over the course of more than half a century. Les Éditions Cercle d’Art have partnered with the agency to publish a collection of stunning books, each focused on a particular year. The first volume is dedicated to 1965.

The work

The DPPI agency is the brainchild of a handful of men who shared a passion for both photography and automobiles—especially sports cars. DPPI immediately set about sharing as widely as possible the day-to-day experiences of drivers and racing teams on road and track. The first volume of this collection—the first of its kind—takes us to the heart of a golden age in motorsport history. Be it at Le Mans, during hillclimbing races, or on the first tracks devoted to what would later become the main attraction, Formula 1, both cars and drivers are accessible, welcom- ing. Everyone smiles at fans, who are not yet crowded against the rails of the route or circuit.

The curated selection comprising hundreds of photo- graphs from DDPI’s vault, with commentary by the photographers and people involved at the time, draw the reader into a universe full of adventure, stories brimming with humanity that centre on exceptional machines. Access to this material, hitherto limited to media profes- sionals—most of these press photos have never been published—is for the first time available to the broader public, thanks to this competitively priced work. Legendary drivers, unforgettable manufacturers, snapshots of the greatest circuits in the world, and more. This singular book will allow lovers of photography and motorsport alike to relive these moments with a new perspective.

The authors

Jointly selected by DPPI images and the publisher Éditions Cercle d’Art, the images drawn from the agency’s archive will be paired with detailed captions. This commentary is provided by photographer Manou Zurini and another stakeholder from the period, journalist Johnny Rives, a myth in motor-sport journalism. They offer a backdrop for each picture. These shared sources help the writing team ensure precious first-hand accounts of the circumstances and context surrounding each photograph, bringing them to life as never before. Quotations and unpublished anecdotes shed new light on any number of events —including some legendary centrepieces of each year.

Sprache: Englisch, Französisch
Seiten: 744
Format: 310 x 240 mm
Autor(en): Jan Hettler, Udo Klinkel
Auflagenhöhe: Limitiert auf 1.000 Exemplare
Ausstattung: Hardcover
Fotos und Abbildungen: 351 Farb- und 173 Schwarzweiß-Fotos
ISBN: 978-3667103109
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