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Alfa Romeo GTA

Alfa Romeo GTA
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  • B-ASI-AlfaGTA
  • 978-8898344710
GTA, Italian acronym for Gran Turismo Alleggerita (Lightweight Grand Tourer). Three letters... mehr
Produktbeschreibung "Alfa Romeo GTA"

GTA, Italian acronym for Gran Turismo Alleggerita (Lightweight Grand Tourer). Three letters deeply engraved in the collective memory of all the world’s motor racing fans – and not only.

We know almost everything about life and times of the “Casa del Biscione” car: this book aims to tell the lesser known part of the GTA’s story – from its project and technical side, through the evolution it incurred  over the years up to its incredible list of unique achievements in the history of sport cars. 

Alfa-Romeo-brand enthusiast and then gentlemen-driver, Vladimir Pajevic, together with the great Italian motor racing champion, Gian Luigi Picchi – who also won the 1972 European touring car by driving a GTA - wrote this little vademecum intending to answer questions about the GTA in a simple and clear language. 

Despite the mainly technical way the subjects are covered in the book, an overview of all the relevant technical data is offered to the non-specialized reader as well as what it was like to drive the racing version of the  GTA through Gian Luigi Picchi’eyes, who was one of the greatest hambassadors of the glory days of this legendary car.

Sprache: Englisch, Italienisch
Seiten: 144
Format: 210 x 297 mm
Autor(en): V. Pajevic, G.L. Picchi
Ausstattung: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-8898344710
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